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I became a mother for the first time, and my life has changed forever. More time spent caring for the baby, and less time cleaning. I felt that when the house is a mess, then the thoughts in my head are scattered and it isn't easy to concentrate.

Cleanliness in the house is essential, especially when there are children in the house. Cleaning should be as environmentally friendly as possible. After all, it is important for health!


I began to study the composition of detergents, to look for the most environmentally friendly of them. But it was a big problem to find a cleaning company that met my requirements: fast, high-quality, and, most importantly, environmentally friendly cleaning services. This is how the idea was born to open a cleaning company that will help put your house in order, save your time and create comfort for the implementation of your plans and ideas.

cleaning gloves, detergent sprayer and mopping towel
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